cameroonian parrot

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Apart from the yellow-headed Amazon parrots, another type of parrots are the Cameroon parrots, which are popularly called African gray parrots. These birds, seen mainly in the Central African area, are tuned to communicate with people. They can develop and increase their vocabulary through practice and what they listen to. This is why the speaking part is the best part these birds have, which you can be proud of. Slightly built in size and growing from 10 to 14 inches. These types of birds differ mainly in the various shades of African gray. For one, these parrots are grouped accordingly. Congo African Grays are more in the shade of a darker grey, while in comparison to the Timneh they are usually lighter in comparison, with red tail feathers to match. Their female birds are longer in the neck and have narrow heads compared to their male counterparts. As for the male breeds, they measure from 12 to 14 inches in length.

If you want to have a Cameroon Parrot, you need to have patience and proper guidance to get them to bond with you. Do you know they could last 60 years? Indeed, it is a tedious task to keep a pet like the Cameroon parrot. Take for example his mood swings; parrots love action and adventure in life. They need a certain amount of interaction and a bit of freedom to display their playfulness and ability to talk. There would be times when you would experience that they have some sort of temper, but this is really natural. However, there is also a way to avoid this attitude through proper guidance and training. Teach them manners that they may be able to adapt early on. Remember that your parrots could just as easily adapt to bad habits as they do to good habits. It is a great obligation on your part as a pet lover to fully develop your parrot’s true potential and ability. Whenever these birds go rogue without your guidance, they can damage or damage things around your house. They can also bite and chew cables, that’s why when training your pets, they will become a great companion.

Introduce them to physical activities like flying and having to play on your home grounds. Expose them to people, especially your family and friends. It is also good practice to speak the words you have taught them to your pets. It’s also part of raising or caring for your Cameroon parrots, so you can interact with them often. These birds like company. They always like to go with the group at all times. Promote socialization in them and discover their friendly ways as well. They could even try to kiss you, this is a sign of love and affection from your pets. However, the truth of the matter is that you must prohibit them from doing this. Human saliva has bacteria in it and this could be toxic for your pets to handle.

Always be prepared to discover new personalities that would eventually develop in your pets over time as they are exposed to you and will adapt to you and the people around them.

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