Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys Helps Their Clients Avoid Jail

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Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Sexual assault is a serious crime, and when it is committed against a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the penalty can be quite severe. Even in those situations where no sex crime occurs, an assault has the potential to ruin a person’s life. This is why Dallas Sex Crime Defense Lawyers is so valuable to victims of these crimes. The charges of sexual assault are often very disturbing, and the trial can be emotionally traumatic for the accused. There are also very strong legal defenses that may be offered to defend a person. This is especially true if the victim has suffered from some sort of trauma.

Many times, victims feel very violated by the allegations against them. Whether it involves a man or a woman, there are usually strong feelings that are not discussed in a court of law. For this reason, a Dallas sex crime defense attorney can be so valuable. They know all of the legal defenses that a client may wish to present to have his or her charges dismissed or at least reduced. The proper legal representation can alleviate the emotional effects of a case and ensure that justice is served.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

Unfortunately, there are times when victims are falsely accused of committing the very crimes they are trying to prevent. While many states have a “wrongful termination” law, Dallas has no such provision. If an employer suspects that an employee has engaged in sexual activities with another employee, or if a parent suspects that their child has engaged in inappropriate conduct with another child, the police can arrest the suspect without warrant of law. If these laws were applied to Dallas police officers, the public would not be able to protect its rights.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys Helps Their Clients Avoid Jail

Dallas Police cannot arrest you unless you have been formally booked and taken to jail. In these circumstances, defense lawyers become invaluable as they can advise the client on what to do next and how to explain the situation to the prosecutor. After the initial arrest, the suspect is informed of his or her rights under the Miranda Law and is advised of his or her rights against self-incrimination. The suspect then has the opportunity to speak with the arresting officer, give an explanation of the alleged crime and the circumstances leading up to it. If he is innocent, then the charges will be dismissed. If he is guilty, then the charges will be presented before a jury.

Dallas criminal defense attorneys fight to prove that the charges against their client are legally justified and that the defendant is not guilty. They work diligently to reduce the charges to something that the prosecution does not consider as “innocent” even if it means a sentence less than that which the defendant might have faced if not for the assistance of the Dallas criminal defense attorneys. While the accused often faces jail time, the truth is that he or she will not serve any jail time if the case is not dropped by the prosecution. Even if the charges are eventually dropped, the accused still has the right to retain the services of Dallas criminal defense attorneys as legal counsel to help prepare for his or her defense.

In some cases, the accused may face second-degree felony charges, which carry more severe penalties than first degree offenses. In this situation, the accused may be ordered to stand trial for a third time before having his or her charges filed. In the third trial, the punishment phase is called the “paralegal test.” If the evidence against the defendant is insufficient to prove that he or she is guilty, then the prosecution has the option of submitting the matter to a grand jury. This is another procedure in which Dallas sex crime defense attorneys are invaluable, as they can assist the prosecution by cross-examining witnesses so that all possible evidence can be introduced at the trial.

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