Did you know you already have a six pack?

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Did you know you already have a six pack?

You already have a six pack … You just can’t see it!

The abdominals are a group of muscles called the rectus abdominis, which are the six muscles that cover the stomach.

Apparently, we are all born with a six pack and it already exists. Believe it or not, you have a flat stomach right now. It’s just that you can’t see it because it’s covered and hidden under the few or many layers of fat on your body. If you really want to see the lean stomach and expose those deep cuts, you need to burn off the fat on top.

Now you might think that 1000 sit-ups a day is the key to burning that fat. Well, it is NOT! There is NO such thing as point reduction! You can’t break down the fat that covers your abs. So while the abs will certainly train the abs, it won’t affect the fat on top of those muscles.

The question now is … how do you burn that fat and how do you discover your six pack?

Are you ready for this? Here it goes:

Reducing your body fat percentage!

Ready! This is all. Simply losing some body fat is the super secret key.

And how do you burn body fat?

You create a caloric deficit by eating fewer calories and burning more calories. This is the only way to remove abdominal fat by gradually burning it from the entire body through cardio, diet, and weight training.

The human body gains and loses fat in a pattern predetermined by our genetics and cannot be changed. And it is commonly seen that the fat covering the abs is usually the last to go and the first to come back, making getting / keeping the abs even more difficult.

So, persist in creating a calorie deficit through a clean diet, resistance training, and cardio regimen and lower your body fat percentage. Once you are lean enough, you will see your abs jump out. Training your abs a bit directly will make them stronger, better developed, and add more definition to your abs (as with any other muscle group when you train).

Abs require a lifestyle change and immense discipline; definitely not a quick fix.

Actually speaking, instead of saying that we want to achieve a six pack, we should say that we want to discover a six pack. Because really, that’s what must happen!

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