Employee motivation: 10 tips to improve job performance

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Increase employee performance by harnessing the power of motivation

Employee motivation and productivity can be improved and enhanced by creating a work environment that maximizes the factors that affect performance. These factors are easy to understand, easy to measure, and can add tremendous value to any organization that is willing to implement them. Use these 10 tips to make sure your employees are motivated and inspired to produce the best possible results.

1. Interesting work

Intrinsic motivation comes from the enormous joy and pleasure of accomplishing a task. When you read a great book, no one has to pay for every page you read. It’s a pleasure learning how the story unfolds and watching the plot unfold. The same goes for employee motivation. To maximize employee performance, find out what employees like about their jobs, and then try adding more tasks that align with your own natural talents and interests.

2. Appreciation and recognition

William James said: “The deepest desire of human nature is to be appreciated.” No matter how much you pay someone, everyone wants to know that their efforts are being seen and appreciated, especially by their manager. Don’t just send them a thank you email, that just means you care enough to hit the “Enter” key. If you really want to thank someone, buy them a real thank you card and describe how their behavior and performance have added value to the team and the organization. Make sure you find people doing the right thing and they will inevitably get it right more often.

3. Feel involved in the work process

Research shows that when people can participate in creating a system or process, they are much more likely to follow it than one simply imposed by an outside expert. Recognize that the people who do the work know how things can be done better, faster, and cheaper. If you want them to tell you about it, make it easy for them to offer suggestions and reward employees who come up with ideas that add value to the bottom line.

4. Achievement

Napoleon once commented: “It is amazing how willing men are to risk their lives for a little tin and tape to wear on their chests.” Prizes and prizes can serve as a great motivator to harness the power of healthy competition. It is always best to use rewards that are meaningful and inspiring. When an employee exceeds your expectations, be sure to acknowledge their achievement. The day someone retires, they will pack these awards and prizes to serve as reminders of a wonderful career.

5. Occupational safety

If everyone had what it takes to be an entrepreneur, then there would be no General Electric or Toyota and we would all be buying products from artisans and artisans. Fortunately, many people prefer to be part of a large organization and can be more productive when they focus on getting their jobs done rather than worrying about developing a business plan or marketing strategy. Telling people that they are lucky to have a job creates an atmosphere of fear and worry that lowers job performance. Instead, tell your employees that the company is lucky to have such a skilled and committed workforce and that people will take pride in their work and their company.

6. Greater responsibility

We all know that some employees lack ambition and have no desire to advance at work, but the vast majority of workers want the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and add more value to the organization. Always be aware of training opportunities that will equip your employees with the skills and tools they will need to advance their career. Always try to fill open positions with internal candidates before looking for an external candidate. This will create a culture of professional development and preserve institutional memory and organizational knowledge so that it can be transferred to rising employees as they advance in their own careers.

7. Good wages

Robert Bosch, founder of the world’s largest auto parts supplier, said: “I don’t pay good wages because I have a lot of money; I have a lot of money because I pay good wages.” If you want highly productive and motivated employees, you must pay them according to their ability and performance. Good employees are motivated by more than just good pay, but never let low pay be the wedge a competitor can use to steal from your best people.

8. Good working conditions

If you want to get the most out of people, you must create an environment that facilitates success. At a minimum, you must provide a safe, clean and hygienic workplace. To get the most out of your employees, help them take pride in their workspace, even if it’s just a cubicle or workstation. Let people personalize their own worksites with photos or little trinkets so they feel like they have a place that belongs exclusively to them.

9. Be part of a team

Being part of a dysfunctional team is an emotionally draining experience that results in low morale, low productivity, and high turnover. The great coach, Vince Lombardi, once commented: “Individual commitment to a group effort – that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” We are all social beings and we all want to be part of a healthy team where we can give and receive support, help and encouragement. Organizations can take advantage of this natural human desire by aligning the efforts of employees to achieve goals that are mutually beneficial to both the organization and its employees.

10. Help with personal problems

How many times have you heard of a bad boss who told his employees to leave their problems at the door so they could focus on their work? Unfortunately, they probably also left their motivation and productivity at the door. Smart managers know that it is not their job to be a counselor or therapist, but they do recognize when one of their employees has personal problems that affect their job performance. They need to have open lines of honest communication so employees can feel encouraged to ask for help and then be directed to their Human Resources Department or their Employee Assistance Programs.

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