How do you get a guy interested after you’ve been chasing him too long? This is the trick you need

April 3, 2021 by No Comments

If you’ve realized your mistake by chasing him too much and irritating him with his behavior, stop and change tack immediately. Here are some tips to help you engage and attract him despite your past mistakes.

Stop chasing and focus on becoming irresistible

Stop chasing him and make sure he realizes that you are not attacking yourself so hard! Instead, channel all your energies to become the most attractive and irresistible woman there is. If you manage to change your image, you will have many men interested in you and that will make him feel attracted to you.

Ignore it completely

The best thing to do is ignore it completely. You will surely notice this complete reversal of feelings on his part and will be curious to know the reasons for his cold and distant demeanor. Even if he doesn’t admit it and seemed angry at your relentless persecution, his ego was boosted due to your attention. Now he will start to miss you and start to take an interest in you.

Fascinate him

Don’t let him get used to you in any particular way. Be different and attractive every time you are in contact with him. Just when he starts to think that he knows you very well, change your tactics and make him feel like he doesn’t know you at all. This will make him wonder why he thought you chased him too much in the first place!

Distract and tempt him

Once you’ve stopped chasing him and showing him how much you like him, it’s important to grab his attention by wearing clothes that make you look beautiful and act in a way that puts you above the rest. The trick is not to show him that you know he’s looking at you. This behavior will confuse and distract him and he will be tempted to get to know you better.

Start proving yourself

If you think you are making a big mistake by not getting “caught”, it is up to you to prove it! Make him regret not accepting your offer! Let him see that it is definitely worth having and he will start to chase after you instead.

Get your time right

If you’ve realized your mistake by chasing it too much, back off for a while. Wait and wait until you are sure that he is beginning to notice that you are not so bad after all. Earn their trust and be nice without being too aggressive. Pick the right time and then get ready to charm and interest him again.

Become a mystery to him

If a guy thinks he knows everything about you, prove him wrong and become elusive and enigmatic and he will automatically take an interest in you. You will not be able to resist a woman with an air of mystery around her. Make him curious about you and he will fall in love.

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