How Parents Can Organize The Day During Remote Learning At Home

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Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, parents will have to take more responsibility to ensure that their children receive a quality education. Many schools will operate with a remote learning program to some extent, but for such a program to be successful, parents must organize their homes to be conducive to learning, ensuring that the home environment has everything their children need.

Parents need to understand that their children need every educational advantage during these difficult times, and organizing the home for educational success is critical when engaging in remote learning. This process begins by establishing a special place in the home where children can do their homework, study, read, research, etc. Most parents create a workstation in their children’s room, but if another room in the house is more conducive to remote learning, that room can be used. The area should have a desk and chair, which resembles a school workstation, so that the child is comfortable. The workstation should include the following, as needed:

  1. Books (bookshelf), magazines and newspapers

  2. Pencils, pens, paper and school supplies

  3. Computer, printer and Internet connection

  4. School Information

  5. World

If parents want to do more in the classroom, they can show certificates, awards, report cards, and completed homework with good grades. To motivate themselves, parents may also want to display positive posters on the walls. Posting words and math problems can help make the area look more like a real classroom. The idea is to make this a positive educational environment because the children will spend much of the day, and possibly the night, in this room.

Once the classroom has been completed, parents can consider the schedule for remote learning. Most schools that operate a remote learning program will set a schedule, probably 8:30 to 3:30. The curriculum will be established and the school teacher will be in charge of the actual teaching. Schools will need parental support to ensure success with distance learning, especially with younger children who may find it difficult to stay focused. Therefore, parents will spend their time monitoring their children to make sure they are on target. They also need to make sure they have the right technology and that everything works. Additionally, parents should ensure that their children eat breakfast, lunch, and possibly a snack. Parents should also incorporate some form of physical activity for their children during the day. As you can see, the parents have a full time job.

Some children will have a hard time adjusting to the remote learning format; if this happens, parents should contact the school for assistance. Parents may also want to schedule some additional educational activities after the remote learning day is over so children can stay on target and not be left behind. Additional reading and writing activities are a good place to start. One way to encourage children to read is by placing reading materials in every room in the house. Children who view reading materials throughout the home will be influenced by what is important to parents. This is a great seed to plant that will grow over time.

Parents should stick to routines so children know what is expected of them each day. Children still need time to do their homework, eat, do chores, and participate in some fun activities with the family. Parents may also want to keep children involved in other activities so they don’t get bored or depressed. Some special projects that parents can consider are:

  1. Learn to cook a special dish 6. Write letters to a family member

  2. Learn to buy food 7. Take a computer class online

  3. Learn about financial education 8. Learn about the Bible

  4. Learn to Play the Stock Market 9. Learn to Play an Instrument

  5. Learn to play chess 10. Learn a new sport / game

The key is for parents to create an environment that fosters creativity at home so that children can learn, play, and grow. That is why it is so important to structure the children’s day with their best interests in mind.

Developing children with educational success is one of the most important jobs of parents, but they must also remember that children need time to play and be children.

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