HP ENVY h8-1540t Review: A Desktop That Offers All the Settings Users Want

June 25, 2022 by No Comments

There’s a reason HP is such a brand: the company knows what computer features are important to consumers. The HP ENVY h8-1540t is an example of this. The desktop not only looks great, it offers performance and speed at an affordable price.

Are you currently debating whether or not to choose an ENVY desktop? This model is a great place to start. Numerous configuration and upgrade options give you great flexibility. You can go with the factory options or set it to your own preferences.

Sometimes there are HP ENVY h8-1540t promo codes available that will help you get a good deal. Always keep an eye out for them before placing your order.

What is it about this PC that makes it worth every penny? Just take a look at the processor: it’s a 3.6GHz 2nd generation i7 (3820) model. It also has a 10MB shared cache. If that’s not enough, you can always go for a six-core processor.

The minimum amount of memory you can expect is 10 GB (1600 MHz). This is enough to handle most applications and software. However, you may want a bit more if you plan on playing graphics-heavy and demanding games. While it’s not advertised as a gaming machine, it can still be used as one. This desktop can handle up to 32 GB of SDRAM. Don’t you think you’ll need that much? Additional options include 12 GB and 16 GB.

As you’d expect with a desktop like this, there’s plenty of hard drive storage space, ranging from 2TB to 4TB. If you want a solid state drive, you can choose a 256GB one. Some of the SATA hard drives also include a 16GB ExpressCache SSD. Although a secondary drive isn’t included with the base price, there’s still room for one if you need one. For the optical drive, the h8-1540t is compatible with SuperMulti players and recorders, as well as Blu-Ray players and recorders.

If you want to enjoy games and other media, you’ll need a good video card. Options for AMD Radeon HD and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are available. All allow additional connectivity through HDMI, VGA and DVI adapters. You can play games, watch your favorite movies and enjoy your favorite games on a big HD screen.

Since the HP ENVY h8-1540t isn’t advertised as a gaming machine, it’s more affordable than one. You can do almost anything you want, from multitasking to video editing. It’s obvious that HP has researched what consumers want and this desktop is the result of that research.

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