Making gold with the gathering professions in Mists of Pandaria

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Gathering professions are great for earning gold in the early stages of any expansion and this includes the latest expansion for Mists of Pandaria.

As players struggle to level up in their professions, they will need to purchase materials from the auction house and you can sell your stocks at extremely high rates that would never fly in a mature market.

Get in fast and reap the benefits of collecting before Mists of Pandaria is fully mature and most players reach the level cap and max out their professions.

Make gold with skinning

Skinning is generally overlooked by most players because it doesn’t work well after an expansion has matured. On the other hand, skinning can be one of the most profitable gathering professions if you know how to harness it properly.

The key to making quick money skinning

The best way to earn skinning is to find a location with creatures that you can skin and that are being destroyed by other players. It should be an area that has a large number of creatures grouped together so that there are plenty of bodies for you to skin.

Once you’ve located an area that is crawling with creatures to skin, you simply jump from corpse to corpse skinning as much as you can.

You will be amazed at how much leather you can get through this method and it works very well early in the expansion when respawn rates increase to keep up with the large number of players that are almost the same. level.

It is very important to stay with most of the players as they level up so that you can stay in those very popular places that are laden with corpses to skin.

Making gold with mining

Mining is much more popular than skinning and that is why you will have more competition. In order for you to make a great deal of money mining, you need to focus on places that are not popular or places that are ahead of most other players.

If you can level up really fast, you can get ahead of the bulk of the player base and create large ore warehouses that you can sell for very high prices.

The mineral is all about supply and demand, at first the high-end mineral will be in high demand and if you are one of the few supplying it, you can ask ridiculous amounts of money for it.

As a bonus, the mining profession will remain profitable after the expansion has stabilized because there is always demand and the ore is more difficult to obtain than the other collectors.

Make gold with herbalism

Like mining, to make the most money from herbalism, you need to be on the cutting edge. That means you have to be willing to level up quickly and collect as many herbs as you can before other players have a chance to flood the market with them.

In those early days, when you are one of the first players to get your hands on herbs, you can set the price you want to sell them for, and people will have no choice but to pay you whatever they want.

Later, the price will drop and you will have to settle for less money, so sell them as fast as you can before the prices drop.

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