Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Machine – What Are The Types?

August 11, 2021 by No Comments

If you are looking for a quality blender, the Margaritaville brand makes a blender called the Frozen Concoction Maker, specifically designed for blending tasty mixed drinks. However, the six different types of Margaritaville blenders can cause some confusion. Which one should you buy? Besides color, is there something else about blenders that sets them apart? Yes, there is, but the type of blender you buy depends on the number of frozen drinks you want to make and the power of the machine you want to buy. Let’s go over each type so that a more informed decision can be made.

For starters, the Margaritaville “Bahamas” blender is the base model. It is a 450 watt machine and comes with an ice bin and 4 pre-programmed drink settings. It has dual motors for shaving ice and mixing drinks. You can mix up to 36 ounces of frozen beverage. The cordless variety is battery operated, so you have the added benefit of being able to mix drinks anywhere. The 18-volt rechargeable battery powers the blender and mixes up to 80 drinks per charge. The “Explorer” wireless model is the same as the base wireless model, only in a different color.

The “Key West” model costs as much as the cordless models, but adds features not seen in the basic Bahamas Margaritaville blender. Although it mixes slightly less liquid (32 oz. Compared to 36 oz. On the other models), it comes with several beverage accessories, including a shot glass and a salt rim, which is useful for mixing margaritas and making Those drinks look like they make it at the bar. These accessories would cost more when you bought them from a liquor store, and it saves you the hassle of having to buy them separately in the first place.

The Margaritaville “Fiji” blender has the same capacity as the Key West model, but costs $ 50 more. The additional cost comes from the additional energy; This blender uses 500 watts of power, as opposed to the usual 450 of the other models. The “Tahiti” ice cream maker is the top of the line model. It has several features that none of the other blenders have. Comes with 3 24-ounce mixing jars that can be mixed simultaneously. The ice chute, while stationary on the other models, rotates between jars on this model. You can make more than 6 different types of drinks, including smoothies, landslides, and mojitos. It also has a bamboo wood construction and an aluminum finish for visual appeal. Considering the powerful blend they make, Margaritaville blenders are worth more than their purchase price.

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