No Feng Shui panic

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For beginners practicing feng shui, there are many concerns about the ‘unfavorable’ areas of a home or business. One piece of advice is “move in — immediately” and for most of us that just isn’t possible. Don’t worry though, feng shui has extensive ‘cures’ and ways to deflect those negative energies. From using colors that drain energy to cures that suppress negative chi, there are ample ways to deal with those troublesome energies. Of course, if you have a house big enough to move into a different room, that’s preferable, but for those whose vast expanse of a 400-square-foot studio apartment leaves little room for change, something needs to be done. plus.

The main thing is to avoid panic; cures can take care of any unfavorable energies, so don’t let the mind run wild with worries. If the power is so bad that multiple 5-element pagodas are needed for one corner, then that’s okay; Go find those pagodas and put them to work. If the abode is right over some conflicting ley lines, a creek or underground cavern, or other land features that cannot be changed, some dowsing and crystal placements may be needed to divert the difficult energy flow. around the house (you don’t want to stop it, that could make a mess – you just want to gently move it around the house to continue on your way).

Labor with Mother Nature’s natural energies will lead you to a much healthier and happier life, so it’s worth going the extra mile to achieve this. Watching the changing flow of chi and moving with it is like floating down the river; Row around rocks or crash into them, the choice is yours. Sometimes the flow of the river takes one past the rocks safely and sometimes it takes the boat straight onto the rocks. You’d make sure you didn’t hit the rocks, wouldn’t you? So why not do what you can to avoid life’s tough obstacles? Feng shui is one of those things that helps us get away from the flow that would put us in circumstances that could cause harm. Life can be difficult enough without the invisible problems of negative chi; Why not take steps to drive safely? Flying Star Feng Shui works for everyone, and quickly, and is very easy to use. Changes are easy and once a cure inventory is created, you can be ready for even the most difficult energy flow.

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