PSP – Game or brick?

September 20, 2021 by No Comments

The popular PlayStation Portable gaming device has become the latest target for malicious software writers, with the discovery of a “Trojan horse” program that renders machines unusable.

PSP is specially designed to run only approved programs and games, but unauthorized codes or patches can be downloaded to circumvent these restrictions. The problem is that, once installed, it removes four critical files from the system, rendering the infected device unusable.
Researchers at antivirus firm Symantec say the Trojan, dubbed Trojan.PSPBrick, was found circulating on gaming websites last week.

PSP users who unknowingly install it will see the message “Your PSP 2.0 is hacked, please reboot” on their console screen. However, efforts to restart the device are likely to end in frustration.
“It’s a really nasty trick,” says Mikko Hypp√∂nen, director of antivirus research at Finnish company F-Secure. He believes that there is no way to fix an infected machine without leading to costly repairs. “A hacker as destructive as this is obviously not thinking clearly.”

So basically, once this malicious software is installed, you get an extremely expensive “brick” that could be used to build your dream home.

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