The benefits of online advertising

May 4, 2022 by No Comments

Advertising is telling the public about our product, service, skill, or experience.

Basically it is about trying to sell something. Therefore, we are all sellers to the end.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television are some of the conventional media platforms where advertisements can be placed to create public awareness in order to sell something.

But these platforms are expensive, limited in scope, and do not guarantee a quick return on our efforts.

Except that the advertisement placed in print copies of newspapers and magazines is also published online, it makes no business sense for individuals or companies that have a tight advertising budget to use these conventional platforms.

On the other hand, online advertising will not bring quick returns on your efforts either. Compared to conventional advertising platforms, placing ads online is inexpensive.

It also has a global reach with the entire world becoming the marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to transact business.

Therefore, in a world with an estimated population of about seven billion people, selling our product or service is a big deal.

Conventional advertisers set aside huge budgets for ads every year.

With the world online, hard copies of newspapers and magazines are gradually dying.

It is expensive to publish conventional newspapers and magazines.

Specialized and general interest websites emerge every day. Yes, some sites are dying while others are being created. There are billions of sites offering one service, skill, experience, or product or another.

For individuals or businesses advertising online, the global nature and reach of most sites creates a global market for them. This is good for your business.

Over time, small, medium and large business owners who use online platforms to place their ads will reap handsome profits.

Placing an ad online is also not a guarantee that you will sell your product, skill, experience, service or knowledge overnight. It is not a quick fix problem.

Consistency, persistence, focus, and determination are some of the attributes advertisers should strive to imbue.

Social media has also added numerous benefits to would-be advertisers online. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the top online platforms that advertisers can take advantage of.

Facebook, for example, has a global subscriber base of 1.59 billion users, followed by Twitter with millions of active users and LinkedIn also with millions of active subscribers.

This is an advantage for the online advertising dream of individuals or companies who want to sell their product, service, knowledge or skill to the whole world and make fortunes in return.

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