The crown effect

November 17, 2021 by No Comments

The current moment is very special and we are in a very crucial phase in our history. It is as if we are now fighting the Third World War. More than eleven thousand lives have already been claimed. But this time, it is different from the previous world wars in many ways.

First of all, everyone is involved. There is no choice left for any country that can exercise whether or not to go to war. You have to fight for the survival of your people.

Second, we are fighting an invisible enemy. The enemy, a tiny virus, not visible to the naked eye, can be anywhere, deceiving us, hiding inside the sinus cavity of an ordinary person who is engaged in his routine activities, such as commuting to the office / workplace or education , shopping for groceries, clothes or gadgets, travel, etc.

Third, although the enemy is not very lethal, he is new and there is no vaccine available for him as of now. So even if it is detected, the treatment is doubtful.

Fourth, it is contagious and spreads very fast. The speed of its spread is actually very fast, perhaps beyond our imagination. Touching the door knob of an elevator or taxi or bus or train, the screen of your mobile phone, the fruit / vegetable or supermarket that you bought in a department store or opening a package received through a courier service are enough for the virus to enter your breast. cavity and then turn it into a virus factory that produces and spreads the virus everywhere.

Fifth, this unique war is being waged by all the nations of the world on the one hand and the virus on the other. The entire human race is in danger. We have temporarily forgotten our differences and become a team. This team has China / Russia and America, India and Pakistan, Iran and Iraq, Israel and Palestine on equal footing, not facing each other.

East and west, right and left, husband and wife, boss and subordinate, customer and business person are not business rivals now, they are one team. This is the state of yog (a), the best possible state where the flow is through the neutral sushumna nadi rather than ida and pingala (positive and negative).

But this is also the state of death. the enemy is smart and killed many of our most vulnerable assets: “older people with medical conditions.”

Is the sacrifice made by the older generation sufficient or will the enemy also be able to claim substantial young and healthy lives? How long will this war last?

Whoever survives this war will be part of a new generation with a stronger immune system and smarter ways of living life and doing business. After all, we learn from our mistakes.

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