The girl is the pride of our country, not a curse for society

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“Girls are not a liability or a burden, they are valuable assets.”

“She brings fortune, not misery.”

“She is the creator, not the destroyer.”

“The girl is the most precious gem, save her from any cataclysm.”

After God, you have the potential to give birth to a new life.

· If a family celebrates the birth of a boy, why does the same family express their regret for the birth of a girl?

· If a boy is endowed with sumptuous food and clothing, new toys and the opportunity to go to school, then why is the girl discriminated against in her right to live?

Why is she being killed or aborted at birth simply because she is a girl, not a boy?

· Why shouldn’t women in our country be treated as well as men?

Why is she always on the receiving end?

· Why has all the excitement ceased, when a girl is born again.

· Why are most people desperate to have a girl?

How would life go if society itself were cutting the seeds of life?

Why are women considered a weaker sex?

· Why does this difference between a man and a woman still exist in our country that has witnessed many advances in all fields?

In the past, women were treated as simple domestic workers, they were expected to be tied to four walls of the house and only dealt with household chores. But time has changed. Like men, he could excel in all fields. India has tremendous examples of women who have risen from the ashes and have made the country proud.

Various sex determination techniques such as biopsy, ultrasound, ultrasound, screening tests, and amniocentesis were introduced to detect fetal abnormalities. Unfortunately, several families used these tests as a tool to detect the sex of the unborn child.

The states of Punjab and Rajasthan have accounted for the highest number of abortions each year. According to sources, about 75,000 girls are aborted each year.

Despite all the strict laws formulated to curb this undesirable practice of killing an innocent girl, this heinous crime continues unabated in the desire for a male child / heir. If this practice continues at this unbridled pace, then that day will not go far, when our mother earth will have no girl, no daughter, no wife to give birth to and, ultimately, there will be no life on earth.

In addition to female infanticide and female feticide, she is discriminated against and deprived of the fundamental rights of education, freedom, empowerment, nutrition, to live a life with dignity and honor at all stages of life.

Due to financial constraints, many couples prefer a planned pregnancy. In such cases, the first prenatal visit actually occurs before the actual pregnancy, whether or not one is ready to stop taking birth control pills and conceive a baby.

Desire for a male child with the belief that he will become our caregiver and source of strength in old age, the demand for a strong dowry, the patriarchal structure of a society are considered the main reasons for rejecting and eroding the value of a society. girl.

It is important to usher in significant changes in society’s attitudes and perceptions of women across the board. On the one hand, we worshiped women on a par with God. On the other hand, we made her suffer various types of atrocities such as dowry deaths, sati, sexual abuse, domestic violence, female infanticide, and female feticide.

The girl is not a curse on society. She is one of the most beautiful and precious gifts of God. She is the most beautiful creation on this earth. It carries within it the beginning and the end. Patience and tolerance are the two important virtues that God gives to women, helping them to face the problems of society with courage.

Education is the basic human right that is vital for personal and social development and well-being.

“A man is educated, a person is educated, a woman is educated, an entire family is educated.”

Determination of sex is a criminal offense; Still, this practice is spreading like a virus. The following steps will go a long way toward stopping this heinous crime.

1. Raise awareness about the difficult situation and the basic rights of education.

2. Denial of education further exacerbates the problem for girls. Education enables you to think wisely, make rational decisions, act quickly, learn to respect, develop civic sense, judge independently, and be a good citizen.

3. Effective application and implementation of preconception and prenatal diagnosis techniques. The government has also established a state inspection and monitoring committee to conduct field visits and crack down on those who run unregistered institutions and those who violate the law.

4. Recognize the need, importance and value of a girl by launching various awareness campaigns on gender selection tests.

5. The innate possessive hunger of a male child in his progeny has to go away.

6. There is a great need to unite and be united as brother and sister to end this evil / social crime.

7. Complement the efforts of the government and various women’s organizations to maintain a healthy gender balance in society.

8. Take aggressive action and act quickly to reduce misuse of preconception and prenatal techniques.

9. Develop and implement new innovative approaches to combat the threat.

10. Seek constructive solutions to restore and maintain the sex ratio of children.

11. Create a society that celebrates the birth of both sexes equally.

Help us spread the word: –

· The kind race of humanity is in danger. Protect her.

The son is a son until he takes a wife, but the daughter remains a daughter for the rest of her life.

· The daughter is the knot that unites two families.

Prevent the beautiful cocoon from wilting and dying.

The unhappy girl needs our help and support.

· Where would you be in this world if your mother was not allowed to be born and to murder?

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