Why Did Judges Wear Wigs During the Early Days of Court?

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Judges Wear Wigs

The question of why did judges wear wigs during the Revolutionary War is a mystery. There is no written evidence of judges wearing wigs. Some people, however, do insist that the wearing of wigs was very common during that time. One of the most common questions asked about this period in history is why were so many women riding with the British Army and why were they not dressed in their traditional clothing?

The reason the question of Why Did Judges Wear Wigs has never been fully explained. Wig wear was seen as acceptable by some during that time. However, the ultimate decision on whether or not it was allowed to be worn by the barristers still depends on each case. The highest courts in England continued to uphold the standard dress code despite the demands from the rebellious radicals. It is believed that the revolutionary leaders were trying to circumvent the system and create a more equal rule in the country.

Judges continued to wear wigs even after the king of England had changed the law to allow female barristers. During the reign of Queen Victoria, who introduced the Dress Code into the United Kingdom, there was no longer any need for judges to wear a wig. No one was allowed to wear anything except for a uniform. Wigs were not allowed at all during this time.

The tradition of wearing wigs during the English civil war is not clear. There are many examples throughout the years where judges have been caught in the act of shaving their heads. It is believed that the practice began when it became popular among the upper class that everyone else was wearing wigs. This may have been used as an excuse to avoid having to shave one’s head.

The reason as to why judges wear wigs has never been specifically revealed. There are several theories that have been offered over the years. Some believe that the practice started to be accepted of because it hid bad hygiene or baldness. This theory seems to make sense since the wealthy often shaved their heads, which could lead to an unpleasant odor on their clothing.

Why Did Judges Wear Wigs During the Early Days of Court?

It is also believed that it began because some of the judges, while wearing their robes, tried to cover their bald heads with wigs so that they would not have to shave. This would have been a violation of the new court dress code. Another reason why barristers wore wigs is to hide any tattoos that the lawyers had. In the early days of the American Colon, many rebels who were hiding out in the Bostonian Jail were shaved completely bald to avoid being noticed by the British guards.

The reasons why judges and lawyers wore wigs during the early days of the court has become a matter of great debate among historians and social scientists. One school of thought is that there was an agreement between the sexes to wear wigs to avoid looking masculine. Another school of thought says that the shaved head began to be accepted as acceptable as society began to develop more sophisticated ideas about gender roles. No definitive proof exists either way as the practice of shaving one’s head continued into the nineteenth century.

Barristers were expected to have great skills in their legal arguments. It was a requirement for them to keep up with the latest dress code. Since the barristers wore wigs, it may have been the case that they had to shave their heads to keep up with the requirements of the legal profession. The shaved head idea continued even after the changes to the dress code occurred. Today, lawyers who are required to give testimony in court still wear wigs to blend in with their environment and portray an air of professionalism.

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