Why energy, when we have so many other ways to improve physically, mentally and emotionally?

August 29, 2021 by No Comments

Such an interesting question someone asked me. Why should I work with my energy or even worry about my vitality when I have so many other things to do?

This question can be approached from many perspectives. I’ll start with the one that is most familiar to me.

Energy is the most accessible
Energy is everywhere, in every place you can think of. It is the most accessible for us. Playing a piece of music on the phone in your hand is more distant than the Energy around you. Energy is something that is so easily accessible that you don’t even have to move parts of your body to access it.

Energy is more easily converted
Energy is such a wonderful thing that it can be easily converted from one form to another. The best part is that only You have the power over your energy. No one but You can make it the way you want. Even your emotions are energy. Do you want to feel good? Just turn the energy around you into feeling good. Energy is such a subtle creation that it is easier to shape than wet sand on the beach. It is a great toy for all ages! You can use it as you like. The key is to clearly know what you want.

Energy is very powerful
Although he is humble enough to be converted at will, he cannot be destroyed. It is extremely powerful, it can never be destroyed, just converted from one form to another. Are you experiencing any unwanted energy around you? Remember, it can be converted.

Energy is the core of our creation. Everything within us and around us is Energy. We access it in each moment, we convert it in each moment and make it work for us unconsciously. It is natural for us to play with energy. We have known it all the time.

Any discomfort that you feel in your body, or in life in general, is because you have forgotten your game with the Energy that surrounds you. You need to remember the play.

Whatever method you are using to improve your life than it is, it has energy at its roots. There are endless ways to approach / access your Energy and shape it the way you want. You can choose what you feel most comfortable with.

Breathe to access your Energy
One of the easiest and most common ways is to “Breathe”, yes, your breath. We breathe all the time, most of the time without knowing it. We know breathing so well that we don’t have to do it consciously. We do it unconsciously all the time. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for at least 5-7 breaths. You will notice reduction in your thoughts. Open your eyes and try to notice what you feel differently. You just accessed and molded your energy into something that you don’t know because you had nothing on your mind at the time.

Now try with intention, for example, I want to feel happy (mold my energy into happiness). Think about how you want to feel and do the same (close your eyes, focus only on your breathing for at least 5-7 cycles and open your eyes). Observe your feelings. You’re smiling?

The key is to avoid any other distractions / thoughts during those 5-7 breaths. After achieving some success, ask yourself what you want to do with this.

Have fun with your life, have fun with your Energy! It’s all yours.

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