Why teamwork is critical to success

August 21, 2021 by No Comments

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are creating, teamwork will be the foundation of your success. The very essence of that success or failure will depend on your team. Each team must be focused on the same goals, which are the success and growth of the business. Each individual must take into account their assigned responsibilities within the team. Some important functions to consider are:

  • accomplish personal tasks assigned to you
  • setting objectives and meeting or exceeding specified deadlines
  • Be aware of others, not everyone moves or learns at the same pace, with patience and encouragement.
  • follow the leadership and plans they have put in place (whether you agree or not)

As I read and researched “teamwork”, one thing that did stick in my memory was simply: “TEAM” T – to teach me – all the world FOR – upon SUBWAY – motivation. Once each team member realizes their piece of the puzzle and where it really fits, their vision will become clearer. It is a proven fact that everyone who works together will achieve more and are more likely to achieve their goals and even exceed them if they work together. To be successful in his business, I came across another interesting acronym for Maxwell Maltz (1899-1975): “SUCCESS” S – sense of direction OR – understanding VS – courage VS – charity me – esteem S – self-confidence S – self-acceptance. For any successful business, there must be a team effort geared towards the ultimate success of the team, which also results in individual success. In short, motivation and teamwork equal success.

Some of the components of team building begin with the basics, an introduction. It is important to get to know each team member as an individual and then how they can best be used to function within the team. As with any unit, some people work together better than others. A weak or broken link can result in the ultimate destruction of a team. Keep in mind that all team building strategies do not necessarily take place within a conference room or boardroom. It’s important to have an occasional change of scenery to gain a fresh perspective and insight into your vision, direction, and which path to take to guide you toward your goal. Team building workshops, fundraising activities, fun walks, a run for healing, community projects to name a few are some incredible team building opportunities to further develop relationships within his team.

You have had a long and perhaps stressful day, it is important to refresh yourself. You literally need to clear and free your mind from the mundane tasks of the day, the week, even months !!! Get outside, get some fresh air, take a brisk walk, stretch, deep breathing exercises are great for the mind and body. A safe and always successful relaxant; a long, relaxing soak in a hot tub (don’t forget the candles, they just add that extra touch and help create a relaxing atmosphere). Often times it’s the little things that make a big difference in the success or failure of your business. Keep in mind that teamwork is vital, consider it the heart that drives the life of your business. Without it, the life of the business will fail. Connect with a strong team and witness life flourish from within. Thanks for reading, have an amazing day! Julie K. Beachum.

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