Winter – A Maltipoo Puppy’s Nightmare

July 1, 2022 by No Comments

It’s officially winter and many people worry about how to keep their little pups warm in the frigid temperatures. Try some of these tips and tricks to make winter a wonderland and not a dreaded event!

Cold weather can be especially traumatic for Maltipoo puppies. The long hair between the toes and around the pads makes the snow a big hindrance to their little bodies. Ice, snow, and salt can easily build up on the fur and make walking difficult. Your Maltipoo puppy will try to chew on them, ingesting the salt and making them sick. Try to trim the skin between the toes and around the pads. Trimming the hair around the toes and pads is a snap. Get a small pair of scissors, trim the fur to match the pad, and your little munchkin is ready to go!

When your Maltipoo returns from his daily walk or bathroom break, be sure to wipe his legs, feet, and stomach to remove any snow, ice, or salt that may be left behind. Your Maltipoo’s long fur can easily trap moisture from winter weather and cause rashes, hot spots, and skin infections. Drying them with a towel or using a hair dryer quickly will help keep these problems at bay.

Did you know that more dogs are lost in the winter months than any other time of the year? That’s why it’s so important to never leave your dog off the leash in the snow. Dogs can lose their sense of smell and direction in the snow, and for a 6-pound Maltipoo puppy, this can mean freezing to death in no time. Make sure your puppy always has their ID tags, just in case.

We know that the tiny, tiny size of Maltipoo puppies makes them susceptible to the cold winter months, but you can do more than just keep them warm. Follow these simple tips to create a fun winter for everyone.

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